Tippet Rings

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Matt Grobert
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Tippet Rings

Post by Matt Grobert »

Do you or would you use a tippet ring when fishing a dry fly? Why or why not?

I had a long discussion today with one of SGM's esteemed members today about them and he was adamant that they are not useful for fishing dry flies - I think his blood pressure went up a bit. :o I've heard some folks do use them for dries, not just on braided or furled leaders, but also on mono leaders. I've never used them and don't know if I ever will but I though I'd see what others on here think about them.

I'm in the no crowd, for the record, as I've used hand tied leaders and used surgeons or blood knots to tie on tippet since the dark ages of the late 60's and that's worked quite well, plus I don't have to worry about dropping the knot. :lol:

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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by redietz »

I only use tippet rings in winter to pre-tie teams at home with warm fingers, and those teams are probably not going include dry flies.

However, I have used them with dries in the past (swapping out the top dropper for a dry when there's a winter midge hatch happening) and have had no problems. The rings are very light, and practically float themselves.

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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by Eperous »

Matt Grobert wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:33 pm
... as I've used hand tied leaders and used surgeons or blood knots to tie on tippet since the dark ages of the late 60's and that's worked quite well ...
Never heard of term, till this post... :? so NO, never used any... :|

I've also tied my own leaders and tippets for decades myself... back in the '70s Lefty Kreh was the feature speaker at our TU annual banquet, which I chaired... so I met him and had the pleasure of sitting next to him during the event... I had his book, Practical Fishing Knots, which he gladly autographed for me... and he convinced me to tie my leaders, ending with a loop that I could loop a tippet to...

Thus for years I've tied my leaders with a loop at the 8# test terminus... and I tie tippets with a loop, starting at 6# test down.... typically my tippets run 8-6-4# test... but I do a few 8-5-3# test... when I fish flies smaller than 18-20, I add additional finer tippet material to the end of the tippets...

What I like about this approach, on cold days... I just quickly and easily loop a tippet to my leader, minimize the number of knots I need to tie... and when trout are rising, and I'm changing lots of flies as I'm clueless, I just take out a new tippet and replace the used one on my leader loop...

So NO, no clue what a tippet ring is, nor have I ever used one, but if a loop-to-loop tippet connection was good enough for Lefty Kreh, it's more than OK for me... :D Even when fishing dries 20 to 24 in size, this approach never seems to spoke nervous trout.... ;)


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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by upstatetrout »

Have completely switched over to tippet rings for all fishing. I thought they may hinder dry fly fishing but it has not been the case at all. Have saved a ton of money on purchasing leaders to as they never grow shorter. Also great for multiple wet fly fishing or dry fly dropper fishing.


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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by HookI »

yep ! Been using them a few years now . They float , strong , has some advantages as multi fly presentation as mentioned by upstate . I will continue using them . Rio product is what I use
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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by Vance »

Hello and Happy New Year, I’m like Ed and tie loop to loop. Put a loop at the end of my leader and put a loop on my tippet. So easy to change your tippets. I have about 4 spools of tippet in a holder with loops on all of the tippets.. So after changing your flies a half dozen times just put on another length of tippet with a loop on the tippet. So for me loop to loop, never used a ring and do not know what they look like. Bill the mailman

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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by Bud »

I've been using tippet rings for the past two years, and I fish dries and emergers almost exclusively. As Tom said, no problems and no need to change leaders. I wouldn't go back.

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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by narcodog »

About 6 years ago I started using furled leaders with tippet rings. I fish drys more than any other fly and find no disadvantage to using them and they certain making changing tippet easier.

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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by catskilljohn »

I used the hell out of them nymphing, and like stated above they make tippet changing soooo fast. So much easier to poke a tippet through steel and spin the leader to make a clinch knot than surgeons knots with long tag ends to clip off.
I wouldn’t use them with dry flies, but that’s just me. I’m sure their size makes doesn’t inhibit floating the leader. CJ
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Re: Tippet Rings

Post by bearbutt »

I can see a lot of good reasons to use tippet rings--when using furled leaders, when using droppers, for cold weather, for simplicity--all reasons mentioned above. But I am old fashioned and love the blood knot--which is really a beautiful knot, brilliant in design, and also effective as well. For me fishing isn't always about what's best or what's the most efficient thing--I also like the poetry in it. Tying knots like blood knots is part of the whole 'slowness' aspect of angling that I love so much. As my kid would say: "Boomer philosophy," LOL.



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