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Re: Tippet Rings

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I agree with that whole "slowness" philosophy that bearbutt is mentioning. The time needed to change flies and attach a new strand of tippet blends well with the fishing mindset. It's that whole slowing life down and not being in such a rush to accomplish everything that makes fly fishing attractive for me. When I catch a challenging trout after changing the tippet and fly, I often wonder if it was the different pattern that made the difference or if it was because of the slower process that rested both me and the fish.

One fun aspect (or maddening aspect depending on your point of view) of blood knots is how often trout rise up and sip at them when they're feeding on midges. I guess a blood knot with its translucence and well-defined segmentation is probably a hell of a lot better than any midge imitation that I'm tying.

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Re: Tippet Rings

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I tried using the tippit rings, but they are not for me – it’s just another “thing”, and I have enough “things”. For me it’s the old loop to loop connection.....All of the well seasoned angler’s in Pennsylvania that I fish with use loops with great success – it’s the same set up that was used decades ago when snelled flies were the “soup de jour”.

This system is comprised of three major components: the tapered butt section which is connected(nail knot) to the fly line, the leader which is 7 feet of 3X“ mono with four loops(One on each end, and two evenly spaced), and the actual snelled flies proper. Each fly is snelled on a 4 1/2 inch long piece of 3X or 4X Tectan mono. The box section will last at least a year. I can get at least two weeks of hard fishing out of the 3X section..... Snells get replaced on an as needed basis. I’ve never had one go bad. This system works great for me, and I can change flies in seconds! Vance(Bill) knows the same crew up on the Lackawaxen and he is familiar with this set up.

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