Cinberg step by step

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Cinberg step by step

Post by catskilljohn »

I got an e-mail from one of Nik's buddies on the tying of this fly, and sent it to him by e-mail. Maybe this is a good place to put it up too, if for no other reason than to save some wood duck feathers :lol:

Wrapping wood duck is hard to do, and if it was not for Phil Chase describing this technique to Rob, and then Rob to me, I would have scrapped alot of wood duck myself.

As Phil described, he used a "good sized wood duck feather", I use a little less, however you want the fly is up to you. The original is heavy on the wood duck so for historical reasons keep that in mind. Here are the steps, they are kind of self explanitory, of course if somethings not clear, just ask.


Try to "spin" the feather around the shank here, with a soft loop first, then a tight couple wraps to get a nicely distributed amount of barbs around the shank. Sometimes I even pinch it a little and work it around to move the fibers underneath.


You could use a half hitch tool here, or your hands, its easier for me with this little tool...

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by SgtMajUSMC »


Great tutorial! Many thanks.



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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by narcodog »

Johnny, That's just what I did, Thanks. I was concerned that I was letting the WD stick out to much beyond the hackle. I see yours is quite big.

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by Eperous »

Nice CJ... just like you showed me at the Fly-fest last February... thanks for posting...


PS - as you know, that's what I did before you showed me, wrap the ole woodie... :?

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

CJ, if it wasn't for you this fly would have been lost to the ages.

I think we all owe you for keeping it alive.

Sadly, now everyone is going to be throwing them... I hope the magic doesn't wear off ;) :lol:

You're the best bud,

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by upstatetrout »

John I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!
You are a treasure....

Tom ;) ;) ;)

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by The Novice »

Wow, great tutorial, will attempt this myself, thanks John. Do you also tie it with a bead head?

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by reservoirman »

Great looking fly CJ last year when you posted the cinberg i remember you saying that you didnt wrap the wing like hackle. Now the mystery is solved. I tied a couple up last year and had luck on them . Thanks for sharing. Stan

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by Niklas Dahlin »

Thanks for sharing CJ.. Mr CDC Leon Links are thrilled over that you helped him out..

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Re: Cinberg step by step

Post by troutingintas »

Great technique JC.
It's easy, quick and it gives a more even length of barb than winding the feather like hackle.
You have me thinking of using the same method with other similar types of feather.


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