The Preston Jennings project-part 1

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The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by catskilljohn »

I found a picture online while looking around for books, and at one time Preston's book A Book Of Trout Flies was offered in a 2 part, limited edition w/ slipcase, a copy of the book, and another hollow "book" that had all the flies from the book mounted inside. Tyed by Preston himself, the flies looked almost exactly as in the book, what a treasure. It, by the way, sold in Lang's auction for $42,500.00.

I printed out a picture and am in the process of making one myself, and finished tying the wet flies last night. I am sewing them to the backing, and started making a wooden "book" to house them in. It takes longer to sew these dog-gone things to the paper than it does to tye them :lol: .

Fortunately, I had a decent selection of sneck hooks in trout fly sizes, even the odd sized ones he mentions on the book. Where the plate showed limerick bends, I used those, and reformed a few to match the paintings.

There were a few discrepencies with the flies in my book, and the ones in the picture from the auction, I decided to tye the flies from the book plate but arrange them like in the picture. If you look at a few of the flies, the Coachman doesn't have a tail in the picture, but in the book it does, same with the Stonefly creeper. Anyway, here are some pics of whats done so far...
The book, the picture and my plate...


A few of the flies up close...

I will do the dries next, this should be pretty nice when it all finished up :D CJ
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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by dazwah »

nice one, lovely tying and a very nice idea!

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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by ewpeper »

One word, CJ. WOW!

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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by narcodog »

The longer I know you the more I am intrigued by your talent.
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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by viking »

You´re awesome, my friend :D .

ted patlen
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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by ted patlen »

if you need stuff call me

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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by dennis »

I could sit and look at these flies all day. :)

There are three quotes from Ernie Schwiebert who wrote the Introduction to the 1970 Crown edition of Preston Jennings "A Book of Trout Flies". It makes one wonder why Jennings hasn't received the recognition he deserves.

1. On the subject of Art Flick and his classic "Streamside Guide", and Schwiebert's own "Matching the Hatch", Ernie had this to say: "Each of these later works had its principal inspiration in the work of Jennings, and the exquisite water colors and drawings in "A Book of Trout Flies" set the standard for illustrations of fly hatches in this country."

2. "The stream studies that resulted in "The Streamside Guide" had both Jennings book and Jennings himself---who often fished with Flick in the golden years of the Schoharie and its Westkill Tavern---as their well-spring and example."

3. " A Book of Trout Flies" was the genesis of serious American fly fishing entomology."

Beautiful project CJ Please continue.


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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by Eperous »

Very nice CJ, very nice indeed... :D


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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by Squaretail »

Those sneck hooks and the original tail proportions really make them pop, CJ. Exceptionally nice work!
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Re: The Preston Jennings project-part 1

Post by Niklas Dahlin »

You are the man CJ.. Keep us posted.

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