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New Member - not a bot

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I'm following up on the suggestion that new members post to prove they are not bots, are not bots, not bots, not bot...

Okay, I've been reset. Heard about this forum from Eric Peper and thought I'd check it out. I live in Western MA and have fished in the Catskills for many years. Haven't investigated the forum yet, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot from the regular posters. I've been on the Classic Fly Rod Forum under the same name for quite a few years. I'm guessing a few of those folks will be hanging out here as well.


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Re: New Member - not a bot

Post by narcodog »

Your certain that you are not an uber intelligent bot?

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Re: New Member - not a bot

Post by quashnet »

Perhaps we need to devise a Turing test specifically related to fly fishing. Early research questions by Ed Zern may point the way toward useful interrogation of a putative bot, for example:

"While fishing from a boat with a wealthy uncle who owns a number of custom-built Payne, Garrison, and Orvis rods with matched reels and lines, not to mention several best-grade Parker shotguns and a brace of matched Model 21 Winchesters, he tells you that as his own children have no interest in outdoor sports he has recently revised his will to leave all his fishing tackle and guns to you. When he stands up to play a fish in deep water, you recall that he's unable to swim a stroke. What's your next move?"
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Re: New Member - not a bot

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Net his fish!!! :lol:

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