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Alberto Calzolari
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My new website

Post by Alberto Calzolari »

Hello guys,

just a quick note to let you know that I have finally issued my new website. The url is

This site will be mostly dedicated to classic fly tying with some twist in other areas of fly fishing, such as books, collectibles and other classic stuff.
A nice (I hope it is) section on Catskill Tradition has been included. As you know I always try to promote the history and heritage of the Catskill area in Italy and to Italian fishermen.

A blog will be running with articles. I will try as much as possible to post pieces in two languages, Italian and English. Not easy to do and cannot promise I will do it each time. But I'll do my best.

Hope you like it and of course I would love to receive comments and especially suggestions. I hope you will forgive my english on the web site text. It's not perfect but hopefully it is understandable.

My warmest regards

My web site :

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Re: My new website

Post by catskilljohn »

Good to hear from you Alberto! The site looks great, thanks for posting that. CJ
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ted patlen
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Re: My new website

Post by ted patlen »

yo little brother...

good luck with such a time consuming adventure....miss ya,

give the family a hug for me.


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Re: My new website

Post by bearbutt »

Beautiful job with the photography--I especially like the Hewitt pages--and Helen Shaw as well.


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