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Ora Smith

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I'm wondering if we have any board members who may have information on Ora Smith a fly tyer from Kenee NH. Some of you know I spend a lot of time instructing youth fly tyers and lately I've had a lot of success with this age group when I've dovetailed a tyers history in the instruction. Today's youth is programmed to get answers quickly many times by pressing a button. Often they are not programmed to spend the time needed to learn how to tie flies. Adding the tyers history has in some cases peaked the youths interest in tying flies and resulted in them taking a greater enthusiasm in learning how to tie. I'm preparing to work with a group this spring/summer in NH and I'm going to teach a few of Ora's patterns. There is very little out there about him as a tyer. I have the Art of Angling publication that has his flies and Dick Stewart's book on streamers that has a few of his patterns. Just thought I would reach out to see if anyone had met him or know something that might help when I work with these young tyers. Feel free to email me, I have a few leads I'm working on so if you can help please post what you know or contact me. Thanks

Scott Biron

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Re: Ora Smith

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Re: Ora Smith

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OK, get rid of WileyCed on this site also, Bill

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Re: Ora Smith

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I don't know how this old Ora Smith thread came to light again--but it needs some pictures. The last two Lang's auctions had some Smith flies from his estate--'control' copies they seemed to be. Smith developed the famous Maynard's Marvel--among other great brook trout streamers.




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Re: Ora Smith

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excellent, as per your usual........
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